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The Scottish Play: Macbeth, Edinburgh, and the Highlands of Scotland

Join us as we tour Macbeth's Scotland!

The academic portion of the FYE Travel Seminar will explore the dramaturgy of Shakespeare’s Macbeth and its historical facts, fictions, and superstitions.
The travel portion will experience the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, The Highlands, and locations
from Macbeth, historically known as the Kingdom of Alba.

Activities include:
Touring Macbeth country and visiting the city of Perth, Dunsinane Hill and Glamis Castle;
visiting Stirling and the refurbished Royal Palace, childhood home of Mary, Queen of Scots; Visiting the Highlands and Loch Lomond and sites from Outlander; taking a city hop-on-hop-off bus to discover all the iconic Edinburgh attractions including the Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle, Old Town and New Town, sites that inspired J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter series, with an optional hike to Arthur's Seat; enjoying a traditional Scottish Ceilidh; touring the National Museum and the National Gallery and attending a local theatrical production.